Manage My Debit Card


Manage My Debit Card

Business expenses have never been easier than with our business debit card! Business cards may be issued to any employee without making them a signer on the account. A card register divided by cardholder is sent monthly to the statement address for easy bookkeeping and receipt matching.

Card Activation Feature

Control your card at all times with the Card Activation Function. Login to Internet Banking and click "Card Management" to turn your card on/off at any time via online banking or our App.

Is your card LOST or STOLEN?

Call 1-800-264-4274 immediately to close your card

Daily Limits

  • ATM limit of $750.00 per day
  • Point of Sale limit of $2,000.00 per day
  • Total daily limit of $2,000.00
  • If your debit card needs exceed our daily limits please contact one of our account representatives to see if we can better accommodate your debit card usage. Each cardholder on a business account can have their own custom limit at the business owner’s request.
  • NO monthly fee!

Need a debit card?

Contact one of our account representatives to apply

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